Q: Are you really a drum and bass duo?
A: Yes! Allthough on the album there are a few guestappearances...

Q: Are you a naziband?
A: Absolutly not! We take pride in the liberation of Europe during the second world war,
though we are more of a historical band than a political.

Q: Do you play live?
A: Yes we do. A sensasionable performance for the mind and ears. Book us!

Q: Where can I buy your CDs and shirts?
A: Soon enough we will have both up for sale, through a webshop. Stay tuned here for info.

Q: What does Stuka Party really mean?
A: It's a RAF-term... no further comments.

Q: Do you think you are cool just because you can play really fast?
A: Yes we consider speed as a prerequisite for coolness